Air New Zealand responds to Emirates’ copycat ad campaign

Emirates’ new mascot may look familiar to those who have flown with Air New Zealand. Photo / Supplied

Two airlines are locked in a comical battle after one appeared to rip off the other in a recent ad campaign.

Emirates ruffled feathers when it released its ‘Fly Better’ ad campaign, which featured Gerry the Goose; an animated brand ambassador for the airline.

In the video, Gerry (who is created using CGI), ditches his exhausting migratory flight and travels on a seat in Emirates’ new premium economy cabin.

The ad will air in 25 countries through September but for those who fly Air New Zealand, it may not feel like the first time you’ve seen Gerry.

For years, Air New Zealand has run a commercial featuring an animated goose called Dave who decides to hitch a ride to America with Air NZ instead of flying himself.

Voiced by Australian actor Bryan Brown, the ad was created to promote long-haul North and South American routes to Australian passengers.

Air New Zealand responded to the copycat ad with a video that has Dave make a dig about Emirates.

“You’ll be pleased to know that I finally convinced my old mate Gerry to stop doing his own flying, like me,” Dave said in the video, which was posted to Air New Zealand’s Twitter account.

“The only problem is he got the wrong airline. What are you doing on Emirates, Gerry? It was supposed to be Air New Zealand. You know, the ones with the delicious cuisine, Kiwi hospitality and those clever advertising campaigns”.

Air New Zealand tagged Emirates in the caption, writing: “Gerry ya goose, you got the wrong airline!”

Emirates then responded by reposting their own ad on Twitter with the caption: “Don’t wing it, Dave! You definitely want to fly with Emirates for the long haul. And Dubai is a sweet spot for migratory stops. See you here!”

It is unconfirmed whether the ads or responses were planned for publicity.