Airline trolls passenger who complains about their ‘window’ seat

Ryanair's social media team has been a bit shady lately.

Jason Alden / Bloomberg

Ryanair’s social media team has been a bit shady lately.

A passenger onboard a recent Ryanair flight who complained about their “window” seat has received a less-than-serious response from the budget airline.

Posting on Twitter, @MartaVerse wrote “Seriously @Ryanair, I paid for the window seat.” She showed a photo of the plane’s cabin door next to her.

In their response, Ryanair took to using a bit of Microsoft Paint to highlight the small window on the exit door.

As usual on social media, commentators were divided on the response.

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“You pay next to nothing on Ryanair so you get what you pay for,” was one of the thousands of comments on the post.

“Paid for window & got emergency exit row, what’s the problem?” was another.

“This is why I’d never fly with Ryanair again!” was a more aggrieved reply.

It seems the social media team at Ryanair have been in quite a shady mood lately.

Last weekend a computer outage hit its main Irish rival Aer Lingus, causing huge queues of passengers as flights were canceled at its terminal in Dublin Airport. Ryanair posted a picture of a more serene scene at the terminal it uses.

Ryanair was recently in the news for what was described as the “dirtiest flight”.

A TikTok video of the plane to Spain from @scottandsals has been viewed more than 2 million times. The clip, titled “Avoid Ryanair”, shows what appears to be crisps and biscuits strewn on the ground.

“We boarded the dirtiest Ryanair flight ever today … Cabin crew told us they don’t clean between flights,” was the caption on the video.

In a statement to The Independenta Ryanair spokesperson said: “Our aircraft are cleaned during every turnaround.”