Amber Heard continues to struggle while Johnny Depp gets his career back on track

Hollywood has seemingly welcomed back Johnny Depp while Amber Heard is languishing in the shadows after the ex-couple’s highly publicized defamation trial.

The 59-year-old star made a cameo appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards this week with his face projected inside the helmet of the iconic MTV moon man, he joked that he needed the work.

Meanwhile, Heard remained the subject of cruel memes. She has been called a liar, a fantasist and has been inundated with hundreds of threats.

The Aquaman star is continuing to struggle after losing the legal battle against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Depp got his career back on track, while Heard continued to be mocked.

Depp has seemingly got off ‘lightly’ in the aftermath, whereas Heard has been transformed into a figure of hate, and we’re yet to see her secure big new movie roles or awards show appearances.

Surely everything that came out about their relationship during the court battles would have written off many future career opportunities for Depp.

Depp, before the verdict announced, took to the stage in Sheffield supporting rockstar Jeff Beck on tour as he knew that he had already won in the public opinion court. His animated series Puffins Impossible is getting rave reviews, and period drama La Favorite – which sees him star as Louis XV – is set for release soon.

Undoubtedly, Johnny Depp enjoys huge amount of goodwill that he has banked over the years, due to his charity work, among other things.

Depp’s case was clearly helped by his ex-wife and former girlfriend Kate Moss testifying in defense of his ‘good’ character.