Apple simplifies iPhone 14 repairs with removable back glass

The Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will make their retail debut on September 16. While most of the attention will go towards the iPhone 14 Pro, it looks like the iPhone 14 could offer an interesting change that could make future repairs a lot easier.

According to sources CNET and TechCrunch, the Apple iPhone 14 will not only offer a new internal design, that assists with thermal regulation, but it will also have one important difference to its external design as well. The sources state that Apple has made changes to the glass back panel, as it can now be removed without having to disassemble the whole phone. This is quite significant, as previous models either required a full teardown or the back glass panel had to be ripped apart in order to be replaced. According to MacRumorsthe change might only apply to the standard model of the iPhone 14 and also the iPhone 14 Plus, as there is no mention of the Pro series having the same kind of construction.

    The iPhone 14 is powered by Apple’s A15 processor and features an impressive camera and display.

Despite this change, Apple still charges quite a bit to repair the glass panel on the iPhone 14. By looking at the Apple support website, we can see that if the device is not under an AppleCare Plus service plan, the out-of-pocket cost will total $ 169. If the removal process is simple enough, this might encourage folks to repair their own devices when an accident occurs. After all, Apple does offer the option for home repair with its new Self Repair Program. The Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will make their retail debuts on September 16. Those that are looking for an iPhone with a larger display might be more interested in the iPhone 14 Plus. Along with the new iPhone models, Apple will release the Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and the second generation AirPods Pro.

Source: CNET, TechCrunch
Street: MacRumors