Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event set for September 8, with new iPhones and more set to launch

A multi-colored Apple for the April 2021 event was a hint at the different colors of iMacs revealed, while March 2022’s event, ‘Peek Performance’ was used to unveil the Mac Studio pro workstation and the M1 Ultra chip, the fastest Apple processor.

Some are hoping that ‘Far Out’ references the timescale for the much-rumored Apple AR / VR headset, with much speculation it’s set for release to developers in 2023.

However, among the insiders on social media this is deemed unlikely. Neither is it likely to refer to the timeline for the Apple Car, another oft-rumored launch.

Mark Gurman, who correctly identified the event date last weekwasn’t in the mood to provide any additional insight.

His post referred to the “simplest explanation” for the name: “This is the farthest out Apple has announced an event that I can recall,” he wrote.

However, with the iPhone 14 Pro models set for a processor and camera updates, others believe this could point to a new astrophotography shooting mode.

That would allow users to take more professional pictures of the moon and the stars than is currently possible for the majority of people.

However, it may also indicate the resurrection of a feature that was rumored to be coming with the iPhone 13 but never happened – satellite connectivity.

That could potentially allow phones out of cell tower range to connect to satellites in order to send emergency messages or make emergency calls.

It’s highly unlikely, however, as some have speculated, that the stars are an indication of the astronomical prices consumers will have to pay to land one of the new devices.

Apple is likely to have a wide range of products to release before the end of the year, including AirPods Pro 2 earbuds, new MacBooks and possible iMacs, as well as new Apple Watch models.

The latter are more likely to be announced at the same time as the new phones, with the rest coming in October at the earliest.

It’s also been reported that iPadOS 16 has been delayed, which might mean the release date for phone operating system iOS 16, currently in beta testing, is the only one announced on September 8.

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