Apple’s Lightning-only charging case for the third-gen AirPods doesn’t make sense

Apple has quietly introduced a new option for its third-generation non-Pro AirPods – a Lightning-only charging case (Street MacRumors). On the surface, that’s reasonable: forgoing wireless charging on the second-gen AirPods saved you $ 40. But this time around, you’re only saving ten dollars: they cost $ 169, compared to $ 179 for the MagSafe version (which can also be charged with a Lightning cable).

For those looking to trade convenience for savings, foregoing wireless charging used to be a genuinely good option, saving you 20 percent. Now, you can just as easily save $ 10 on third-gen AirPods with two seconds of Googling – the MagSafe versions are on sale for $ 169 at both Amazon and Target. If you’re willing to wait, you could probably snag them for even less around the holiday season if last year’s deals are anything to go by.

Even Apple’s “Which case is right for you?” explainer doesn’t sound enthused about the Lightning-only option.

To be clear, I’m not saying this is a completely useless product; if you never use wireless charging and don’t ever intend to in the future, then sure, it may be worth getting the version with the Lightning-only case. But if you do want to go that route, don’t settle for just $ 10 in savings.

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