Asteroid danger on New Year! Two GIANT asteroids nearing Earth today? here’s what NASA says

Two giant asteroids are rushing towards Earth today. One is 72 feet, while the size of the other asteroid is 48 feet. Know what NASA revealed.

Not all near-Earth objects pose a threat to the planet. However, when the size of the objects are large and they come very close to Earth, they raise a concern. It can be known that near-Earth objects include asteroids, comets, among others. These objects may sometimes come near Earth while traveling in their orbits and also get attracted towards the planet because of its gravitational pull. According to NASA, two giant asteroids are rushing towards Earth today, January 1, 2023. When the entire world is busy celebrating and welcoming in the New Year, NASA has alerted about a 72-foot asteroid and a 48-foot asteroid.

72-foot Asteroids 2022 YR1

The 72-foot asteroid named 2022 YR1 will be making its closest approach to Earth today at a distance of 6240000 kilometers, according to the information provided by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The airplane-sized asteroid is moving at a speed of 21708 kilometers per hour (6.03km/sec).

48-foot Asteroid 2022 YS6

Another asteroid of 42-foot named 2022 YS6 will also be approaching Earth at a closest distance of 1790000 kilometers. The asteroid will be zooming towards the planet at a mind numbing speed of 34956 kilometers per hour.

Wondering if any of these asteroids will collide with or hit planet Earth? No, there is no threat or danger to the planet as these asteroids will pass by it. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) informs about the asteroids nearing Earth and also shares details about its speed, distance, and more.

In order to track the movement of the asteroids, NASA has deployed several Earth and Sky-based technologies like telescopes, satellites, and more in space. It is very important to keep an eye on the movement of massive asteroids. If an enormous asteroid strikes or crashes on Earth, it could be very destructive for a huge part of the region it impacts and its effects can even be felt worldwide.


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