Auckland’s $ 100m Costco store opening delayed

Originally slated to open mid-August, supermarket giant Costco has pushed back the opening of its flagship new store in West Auckland.

Costco managing director Patrick Noone.
Photo: Marika Khabazi

Costco managing director Patrick Noone said the delay had been a result of the inevitable hurdles.

“Our builders had numerous delays with materials coming in late offshore. We’ve had delays with Covid on site and we’ve had a wet few months, so everything sort of added up together that we needed a few more weeks to get the job done. “

Across the road from the $ 100 million megastore is Costco’s gas station which opened this year, with 27 self-service pumps.

Noone said it had been a hit.

“We were told at one point in time its one of the busy ones in Auckland so we’ve been very pleased … because it gives our members a place to go and buy less expensive fuel.

“I think the business will continue to pick up as we when we open the warehouse up and people will make that stop there when they come shopping.”

One woman said the cheaper fuel had been a game changer.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s something that we’ve needed for a very long time.

Another ute driver, who is also a regular, said he filled up at the station two or three times a week.

“It’s only $ 130 to fill my ute up”, whereas other places would be nearly $ 200, he said.

Other motorists were skeptical about the pricing.

“It was very cheap in the beginning, but now I feel, little bit expensive,” one said.

“Prices have changed. When they originally opened it was a 30-cent difference between the different fuel companies, now there’s only 5 cents. It seems to me like they’ve dragged everyone in with the cheaper fuel and now they’re just being just under the competitive market, “another said.