Batteries inside older Samsung phones are swelling at a disproportionately high rate

Samsung may have another battery problem on its hands

We may not put much thought into smartphone batteries, but there’s a lot going on inside them. As phones age, it becomes important to take proper care of the batteries inside them to ensure they don’t swell. This was a common occurrence when smartphones first became popular — their batteries used to expand as they aged, leading to the back glass popping out. Over time and with technological advancements, manufacturers learned how to keep this problem under control. But it looks like Samsung may have an issue on its hand with batteries on its older phones swelling at a disproportionately high rate.


In a video, YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss (aka Arun Maini) details noticing ballooned batteries on several Samsung smartphones in his storage. This includes the Galaxy S6 from 2015 and the Galaxy S10 from 2019. Initially, he blamed the UK’s heatwave for the ballooned batteries, which might have led to a drastic change in the ambient temperature. But then the YouTuber noticed that the batteries inside all older iPhones, Pixels, and Asus phones stored in the same conditions were fine despite their age.

When Arun first tweeted about the issue, Samsung quickly reached out to him and collected the devices. Two months have passed since then, but the Korean giant never got back with its findings.

What’s more worrying is that he is not the only one who has faced this issue. Matt Ansini, host of the This Is YouTube channel, reached out to Arun and confirmed that the batteries of all Samsung phones in their storage launched before the Galaxy S20 had ballooned. None of the phones from other brands, which were stored in the same place, faced a similar problem. And since the video has gone live, multiple reviewers and YouTubers confirmed the batteries of many older Samsung phones they have with them have ballooned.

Seemingly, the issue is only happening with devices lying unused for a long time. It does not affect older devices that are regularly in use. Samsung is yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

The situation is not as bad as the exploding batteries inside the Galaxy Note 7 saga for Samsung. But it does look like there’s something wrong with the batteries inside its phones that are causing them to balloon when stored for an extended time.

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