BMW voted number one ‘ick’ car brand that people say is the biggest turn-off

To conduct their research, Scrap Car Comparison surveyed 2000 people to determine the vehicles that turned them on – and off. Of those surveyed, BMWs were most likely to put the brakes on a budding relationship, closely tailed by Fiats and Skodas.

But when it comes to getting the key in the ignition, Mercedes were most likely to get the flirting off the forecourt, beating out Porsche and Lamborghini as the most attractive vehicle to drive. Of those surveyed, 14 percent said a partner with a Merc was more likely to get them hot under the hood.

According to the study, 8 percent said they associated the BMW brand with dangerous and aggressive driving – a big turn-off. Fiat, Skoda and Smart each followed on 7 percent, while Audi, another German manufacturer, also had people making U-turns.

Flashing your headlights to show your gratitude to another road user was the behavior people found most attractive behind the wheel, with 15 percent calling it a turn-on – manners matter, people!

Being an eco-conscious road user may also put the pedal to the metal when it comes to the roads of love, with 11 percent admitting they considered electric car owners attractive. Meanwhile, singing while driving was a turn-on for one in 10 respondents.