Bowers & Wilkins Px8 aims to set the new reference for performance

Teased earlier in 2022 when the Px7 S2 headphones were announced, Bowers & Wilkins has revealed its flagship headphones, which it believes will set the reference standard for performance and design for noise canceling headphones.

The jump in performance in relation to the Px7 S2 is mainly in the audio department, with B&W claiming that the Px8 offers even greater “heights of detail, resolution and spaciousness” due to the new bespoke 40mm Carbon cone drive units.

The enw drive units have been inspired by the Carbon Dome efforts used in Bowers’ 700 Series loudspeaker rangethe all-new drive units claim to offer ultra-fast response across the frequency range along with “exceptionally” low distortion for a more engaging and natural musical performance.

BW Px8 Black

Like the drive units in the Px7 S2, the Px8’s Carbon Dome drivers have been placed at angle toe ensure consistent distance relative to the listener’s ear for a more immersive and accurate soundstage. Bowers states that the end result is the best sound quality its delivered from a pair of wireless headphones.

The Px8 model supports aptX Adaptive technology to maintain a signal even in busy areas but if you prefer a wired connection then USB-C and 3.5mm analogue connections are support, with both cables included in the packaging.

The noise canceling has been optimized to cancel as much noise as possible without affecting the audio quality of headphones, using six “high-quality” microphones to shut out noise.

The launch of the Px8 also sees the the Music app updated with owners of the Px8 (and Px7 S2) now able to stream music directly from within the app. DeezerQobuz and Tidal music streaming services are supported and another aspect of this upgrade is that owners of a Zeppelin wireless speaker or Formation Duo speakers can now switch between listening on those speakers and headphones when you’re ready to head out.

Available in Tan and Black finishes, the Px8 go on sale on September 28th priced at £ 599 / € 699 / $ 699. We’ll be looking to review the new Px8 model within the coming weeks.

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