Brad Pitt ‘terrorized’ son Maddox ‘stalking up and down the aisle’

Brad Pitt ‘terrorized’ son Maddox ‘stalking up and down the aisle’

Actor Brad Pitt has been accused o ‘stalking up and down’ the aisle of his private jet and ‘exploding every half hour’ on his kids.

This allegation has been made by New York Post writer Maureen Callahan in her new piece.

She recounted the airplane encounter between Brad, Angelina and their six kids and accused the actor of ‘exploding every half hour’ after drinking to excess.

She wrote, “It’s safe to assume they all saw Pitt lunge at son Maddox, as Jolie says here, that they saw Pitt fling, Jolie, like a rag doll when she attempted to intervene, and that they heard Pitt call her a [expletive]. That they all saw and heard Pitt stalk up and down the aisle, exploding every half hour or so as he drank and terrorized the children. “

But “Affable Brad Pitt, who got a standing ovation at the Golden Globes a few months later – Hollywood showing all their support, the media following suit, as did tabloids and Twitter, everyone blindly believing there was no way, no possible way, Pitt could have done anything like this. “

Before concluding she added, “Maybe we’re beginning to wonder if, over the past six years, Brad Pitt hasn’t given us the best performance of his life.”

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