Bride ridiculed on Reddit after bridesmaid shares her ‘outrageous’ demand

The woman added that one bridesmaid who had her wedding band and engagement ring soldered together was ordered by the bride to turn her marriage tokens around during the ceremony, to ensure the sparkling stone wouldn’t distract from her diamond.

The anecdote has prompted outrage and ridicule among readers, many of whom condemned the then-bride for her selfish and superficial behavior.

“It continues to astound me how petty and superficial people can become during their ‘special day’,” one commented, adding an ‘eye roll’ emoji.

“When I got married something like this never even crossed my mind. What in the world?!?” a second bemused reader added, with a third deadpanning: “She should have just hired eight actors so she could make sure their height, weight, body type, hair and eye color complemented her aesthetic di lei.”

“Yes, I am going to need all of my married bridesmaids to have their marriages canceled for the duration of my wedding year. I can’t have any of you being married and stealing the spotlight,” a fourth quipped.

“Unless someone is wearing the Hope diamond on their finger, no one’s ring will be that visible in a photo,” another pointed out.

It’s not the first outrageous demand by a bride to make headlines. In June, a supposed contract sent by a bride to her bridal party – which had her bridesmaids agree to a $ 100 deposit for their services – prompted shock online.

And in 2018, a woman went viral after claiming she had secretly “fattened up” her bridesmaids ahead of her wedding to ensure she looked the most attractive during her nuptials.