Camilla holds pen ‘more elegantly’ than her husband King Charles: Expert

Queen Consort Camilla is coming into herself in her Royal role.

King Charles’ wife, who visited The Emmaus Community at Bobby Vincent House last month, was seen more confident in her duty for The Crown.

Body language expert Judi James tells Express.co.uk: “This visit seems to have brought out a more confident-looking set of body language rituals from Camilla, who might just be enjoying a solo visit after her husband’s recent pen-based disasters and his tetchiness last week when she dared to take too long to talk to the crowd.”

She notes: “There is a hint of her [Camilla’s] Usual tension at some points, in the raised shoulders and rather rigid arms.

But the fact that she has her arms hanging at her sides rather than her hands nervously clasped in front, or a handbag acting as a barrier, looks like a vast improvement in tone.

Speaking of her ball pen, Judi James added: “And is that some kind of competitive flourish of the pen?

Unlike her husband, Camilla seems to have opted for a far more practical ball point pen rather than the risky ink pen that caused Charles’s angst and irritation.

“She holds the pen elegantly and with a certain amount of flair here, suggesting she might just get the humor from the fact that this is one skill that she is better at than her husband.”

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