Cardi B adds to extensive tattoo collection with new face tattoo

Cardi B has added another tattoo to her collection, this time on her face. Photo / AP

Cardi B has a new face accessory.

The Bodak Yellow rapper has added a tattoo to her collection, this time on her face.

Taking to Instagram, tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos shared a photo and footage of the star getting the tattoo.

Captioning the clip, “Trabajo de hoy Cardi B,” which translates to “Work today Cardi B”, the tattoo artist shared a brief clip of him working on her jawline as she covers her face with a blue towel.

Another post on his account showed a photo of him and the rapper smiling for a selfie with the tattoo shown on the side of her jaw.

Fans quickly took to the comment section to share their opinion with one person saying, “OMG not a good move … I love Cardi B, trust .. never the face it takes away ya beauty.”

Another said, “Why? Don’t mess up your face with tats your body ok but not the face.”

A third commented, “Nice omg i’m so excited to see it!”

While it’s unclear what exactly the singer’s tattoo says, it appears to have been done in red ink and comes after the WAP rapper tweeted in January that she “really really,” wants a face tattoo.

“Random but …. I’m 1% close to tatting my son’s name on my face … I really really wanna do it!” she tweeted on January 17.

Later saying, “I want mine on my jaw”.

The move isn’t be out of character for the I Like It singer who has Offset – her husband’s name, and Hennessy – her sister’s name tattooed on her body.

Other tattoos on the stars body include the hand sign for “I love you,” along with a red star tattooed behind her right ear, and a flower piece extending from her left leg all the way up her back.

The Sun reported the flower piece took more than 60 hours to complete.

On her right side, the star also has a massive peacock tattoo that extends from her mid-thigh up over her lower back.

She is yet to share any photos of her latest tattoo on her social media accounts.


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