CASEKOO, the Case Brand That Supports Self-expression, Is Ready to Showcase Its iPhone 14 Cases

NEW YORK–() – Known for making cases its community wants, CASEKOO has prepared the latest four case series that represent its mission, vision, and values. The focus with these surrounds authentic creations that are affordable and accessible. This is not only for CASEKOO’s community but the surrounding community looking for iPhone 14 cases. Ones that are just a bit different, with the right amount of style.

With that said, CASEKOO’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship has led to this latest set of iPhone 14 cases. They follow the invisible design features, where each case has various features and benefits without always being able to see it.

Our iPhone 14 cases: The ClearPrime ™, MagClear, MagicStand and KooShock ™

The first product in this iPhone 14 case launch is the CASEKOO ClearPrime ™ series. This is an all-clear case, yet it stays that way and doesn’t yellow due to the CRYS-GEL ™ filler. Furthermore, CASEKOO felt the need to enhance the durability of this minimalist case with the addition of military-grade protection (1.22M) +. Therefore, this means that the case is protected from falling 1.22 meters and absorbs the shock with this protection level.

For those that are looking for an even stronger magnet, in their case, the MagClear covers that area. It has 10-foot drop protection even on the camera and never gets that dulling aged look with its anti-yellowing properties. It also comes with double the protection of the ClearPrime ™ at 2.44M + of protection. Not to mention it works with accessories to the iPhone 14 that utilize magnetic suction. Both the ClearPrime ™ and MagClear come with U-SHOCK airbag protection.

To round out this new offering CASEKOO is launching the KooShock ™. This is meant to include more style into the case mix without losing the quality in any way. It’s possible to get this in various colors to match the style you’re looking for or to have a few cases to mix and match as needed.

All these iPhone 14 cases are built to not limit the functionality of the iPhone 14 and come with proper camera and screen protection, anti-fingerprint, and non-slip functionality, so the new iPhone 14s stay in your hand when they need to.

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