Contract Recognition Board to hear Piastri dispute

Oscar Piastri

Oscar Piastri looks set to have his contractual fate confirmed next week following a meeting of the FIA’s Contract Recognition Board.

Alpine and McLaren have both laid claim to the Australian who won last year’s Formula 2 championship as a rookie.

He has this year worked as Reserve Driver for Alpine while waiting in line for a seat to open up in the squad’s Formula 1 operation.

However, negotiations with Fernando Alonso demonstrated intent from the Enstone squad not to promote the 21-year-old next season.

That prompted him to begin looking elsewhere.

An unannounced deal with McLaren was reached while Alonso decided to join Aston Martin instead.

In response, Alpine announced Piastri to trigger the very publish stoush.

That has this week seen Daniel Ricciardo lose his drive at McLaren to seemingly make way for his young countryman.

However, a final hurdle remains before that can be confirmed.

The FIA ​​Contract Recognition Board is the nominated body for all contractual disputes relating to Formula 1 drivers.

As previously reported, all contracts between teams and drivers pertaining to F1 must be lodged with the body.

If a conflicting contract is lodged with the CRB, all parties are advised and can request a hearing.

There is a seven (working) day period in which those objections can be raised.

If a dispute is raised during that window, a meeting in Geneva must be convened within three days.

Following the conclusion of that meeting, the CRB must deliver its decision within three working days.

Making up the CRB is a panel of legal figures disassociated with motorsport in an effort to ensure their independence.

After hearing from the relevant parties, they will pass down their judgment upon which, in the eyes of Formula 1 and the FIA, the matter is resolved.

The CRB is understood to have scheduled a meeting on Monday to discuss the dispute surrounding Piastri’s contract.

A determination could therefore be forthcoming as soon as Tuesday, though towards the end of the week is more realistic.

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