Current number one surfer in world Filipe Toledo reprises his brave act of cowardice at “big and perfect” Teahupoo, refuses to paddle for wave in heat against Kelly Slater and Nathan Hedge!

“We urgently need more powers to the Mayors in terms of public safety!”

Two surfers, although, yeah, it might be a stretch to call em that given the choice of craft, have been arrested and heavily fined following a joy ride through Venice’s famous Grand Canal.

Venice’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro tweeted a video of the electric foil-riding surfers, describing ’em “as two overbearing idiots making a mockery of the city” and offered a free dinner if you snitched on’ em.

“We urgently need more powers to the Mayors in terms of public safety!” wrote Brugnaro pining, perhaps, for the glory days of Il Duce, where the Fasci di Combattimenti, Italy’s Blackshirts, lived by the motto, “Me ne frego” (I do not give a damn ”).

Already, “Angels of Decorum” patrol the thousand-year-old streets, hitting tourists with fines for jumping in the canals, feeding the birds or walking around without a shirt on.

Only last week, Brugnaro called for the immediate imprisonment of a Scottish tourist who was caught having a lil swim.

CCTV got the shredders, 25k boards were confiscated ’cause they weren’t insured, both of’ em were fined $ 1500 apiece for “having endangered the navigation of the canal”, they were hit with antisocial behavior orders and expelled from the city.

Venice ain’t done with ’em, either.

The city’s lawyers are starting proceedings against ’em for “damaging the image of the city.”