Dell confirms some XPS 13 Plus laptop screens may detach inadvertently

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The Dell XPS 13 Plus laptop released this year was billed as the fancier version of one of the most well-known thin-and-light laptops, the Dell XPS 13. The XPS 13 didn’t necessarily need a fancier version, but added features like a capacitive touch function row and support for a higher wattage CPU gave Dell enough justification to produce a new SKU carrying the “Plus” moniker. Ironically, though, early versions of one of the highest configurations of the XPS 13 Plus have a problem that’s surprising for a laptop with its background.

A Dell representative confirmed to Ars Technica today that an “early batch” of Dell XPS 13 Plus laptops with OLED screens “may become loose because of problems with the third-party adhesive used.” The issue was reported on yesterday by The Verge.

According to the rep, “only a small number of screens will detach” from laptops of the impacted batch. Dell wouldn’t provide an exact number of units affected, but the laptops in question seem to include the first XPS 13 Pluses sent out to reviewers and early purchasers. Dell’s rep said that once the issue with the adhesive was discovered, Dell corrected its production process, so other units should not be affected. Units with LCD-LED screens are unaffected, Dell said.

Ars Technica has an XPS 13 Plus from the suspect batch, but there haven’t been any issues with the display in our two weeks with it. The only obvious quality concern with the laptop is a creaky hinge.

Dell’s spokesperson said the company is directly contacting customers who bought an OLED Dell XPS 13 Plus from Dell’s website and may be impacted. Dell said it will also contact those who purchased a Dell XPS 13 Plus from a retailer and then registered the PC with Dell.

“If a customer has not registered their system, the first time they contact Dell technical support, the unique service tag associated with their computer will identify to Dell technical support that the system should be repaired or replaced,” Dell’s spokesperson said. “For customers who believe their computer is affected or if you have any questions, please contact Dell customer support.”

Dell said it is also working with retail partners to replace units Dell sold to them. As noted by The Verge, at least one shopper has claimed away Reddit that their order was already recalled before being shipped out.

Although we’ve had no issues with our OLED-based XPS 13 Plus over the past couple weeks, others haven’t been as lucky. As noted by The Verge, scouring the web brings up an alarming video of the XPS 13 Plus shamelessly plopping its screen off in the middle of a Best Buy. There are similar reports on Reddit and other sites, including claims of the screen failing or becoming virtually unusable or touch input not working.

As is typical for Dell laptops, the XPS 13 Plus has a one-year warranty in the US.

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