Does Path of Exile have crossplay? Answered

Path of Exile is known for its robust and frequent updates, most of which offer up highly complex new modes that put a fresh twist on the base version of the game. And while this can all be tackled as a solo player, the ever-changing grind isn’t quite as fun when you’re alone. The best way to play through the game’s campaign, as well as the rotating offering of seasonal challenges, is to party up with friends. How easy is that, though? And can you join a group with your friends who play on a different system than you?

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Does Path of Exile have crossplay?

Image via Grinding Gear Games

Generally, the answer is no. That is, unless you consider Mac and PC separate platforms, since players on both can play together. Otherwise, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players have no available options to play with each other. It also seems unlikely that crossplay will be implemented to the game this long after its initial release in 2013, especially with Grinding Gear Games focusing so many resources on the development of Path of Exile 2.

As expected for a game with no crossplay, Path of Exile also doesn’t offer any sort of cross-progression. There is still the same small caveat for PC and Mac players, as save data will transfer from one to the other. This is a nice option, although it only helps a (very) small percentage of players.

Will Path of Exile 2 have crossplay?

While nothing is confirmed regarding crossplay (or cross-progression) in the upcoming sequel, there at least seems to be a glimmer of hope. According to a report by Wccftech, GGG’s Chris Wilson has stated that crossplay is something the team is considering. Of course there’s a big difference between considering a feature and actually implementing it, especially with something as challenging and complex as crossplay.