Does this impact your battery life?

iOS 16 includes a handful of major new features like the all-new Lock Screen customization options and iMessage updates. Outside of those flagship features, one of the more popular updates is support for enabling haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard.

In a recently-published support documenthowever, Apple cautions that enabling this feature could impact your iPhone’s battery life.

In the support document, Apple outlines how the new keyboard haptics feature changes your iPhone: “Your iPhone keyboard can make a sound or vibrate as you type.” As we’ve explained in the past, you can enable this feature in the Settings app under the “Keyboard Feedback” option in the “Sounds & Haptics” menu.

At the bottom of the support document, however, Apple has a small warning for users who enable keyboard haptics: “Turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone.”

The company doesn’t offer any additional detail on just how big of a battery life impact keyboard haptics might have on your iPhone. Realistically, we expect any battery life impact to be minor, but it’s something you could try toggling off if you’ve experienced battery drain issues since installing iOS 16.

Interestingly, despite Apple saying keyboard haptics might affect your iPhone’s battery life, the feature is not (yet?) Integrated with Low Power Mode. This means that if you enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone, keyboard haptics won’t be disabled even though they may drain your iPhone’s battery.

For more details on how the new keyboard haptics feature for iPhone works in iOS 16, check out our in-depth guide right here.

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