Duke told ‘don’t hold breath’ for King Charles Coronation

Prince Harry’s invite to his father King Charles III’s Coronation ceremony in May does not seem to be possible in light of the latest claims made by the Duke in his bombshell memoir.

The Duke’s own biographer Angela Levin, in a piece of writing for Sky News Australia, has warned Harry that he shouldn’t “hold breath” for an invite after his recent comments that he wants to reconcile with his family but only if the royals accept “accountability”.

Levin, who has met and interviewed Prince Harry, also claims that The Duke’s betrayal has “backfired”. The royal expert added: “There are probably fewer people than he wanted feeling sorry for him”.

The biographer also blasted Harry for his U-turn as Harry has denied that he and Meghan called the royal family racists when they sat with the US TV host, Oprah Winfrey, for a tell-all interview in March 2021.

Levin added: “Shame he didn’t think to correct the very harmful allegation for nearly two years.” She also claimed that “Harry’s memoir is full of hypocrisy and contradictions too.”

King Charles’ Coronation is set to take place in London on May 6, 2023, the same day that the couple’s young son Archie will be celebrating his fourth birthday.

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