Electro Titan lights up the battlefield in Town Hall 15 update

Supercell shared the fifth and final sneak peek for the upcoming Town Hall 15 update for Clash of Clans, saving the most shocking reveal for last. Meet the Electro Titan, a brand-new troop that will bring the thunder and light up the battlefield.

The Electro Titan is unlocked when your Barracks reaches level 16. That’s a new upgrade coming with the Town Hall 15 update, although the level 16 Barracks only requires Town Hall level 14. Make sense?

Before we get into her reveal, you’ll need 15M Elixir and 16 days to upgrade to Barracks level 16. Once you do, you can train the Electro Titan. The Electro Titan doesn’t have a favorite target and will deal single-target damage to ground and air troops. She requires 6 minutes to train and 32 Housing Space. Here are her stats about her:

Level 1

  • Hit Points: 7200
  • DPS: 180
  • Aura DPS: 75

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 19.5M Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 17.5d
  • Hit Points: 7700
  • DPS: 200
  • Aura DPS: 100
  • Lab Level: 12

Level 3

  • Upgrade Cost: 20.5M Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 18d
  • Hit Points: 8200
  • DPS: 220
  • Aura DPS: 125
  • Lab Level: 13

Now let’s take a look at her in action.

As you can see, the Electro Titan wields a short-ranged whip. When she hits her target, she not only damages that single target but also emits an area of ​​effect aura that continually damages everything around, including defenses, air and ground units. Walls are immune to the aura damage, however.

If you think 32 Housing Space is a little much, I suggest looking up some gameplay clips of her. The Electro Titan is a pretty strong unit, so the space limitation is for balance.

Before we leave, let’s take a look at everything that has been announced for the Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 update.

The Electro Titan is the final new addition to Clash of Clans with the Town Hall 15 update, which means no more sneak peeks. This also means the update should arrive shortly – either on Monday or Tuesday, presumably. Supercell will share full patch notes once the update does arrive, and it will contain bug fixes, balance changes and more.

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