Embracer Group is reportedly working out a new deal with Marvel

If you ask Square Enix, its video game partnership with Marvel Studios was a huge miss. The two games were a mixed bag but neither were best-sellers. Case in point, Marvel’s Avengers didn’t work out as well as anyone hoped. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy had trouble selling at launch. Square Enix even labeled the GOTY-nominee a disappointment. It then comes as a surprise that Embracer Group wants to prolong the existing collaboration.

Marvel’s Avengers would’ve probably done better as a purely single-player title with a boatload of DLC content as opposed to a live-service title.

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Right around the same time that Embracer Group closed its deal to acquire Crystal Dynamic, Eidos Montrealand Square Enix Montreal, reports emerged that the company was working out a new deal with Marvel.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy could get a sequel if Embracer Group work out a new deal with Marvel.

At the moment, Crystal Dynamics has its hands full working on Marvel’s Avengers and the next Tomb Raider game. On the other hand, Eidos Montreal is busy with a new IP and, quite possibly, a new Deus Ex game after it. Finally, Square Enix Montreal is more focused on mobile games. So, if Embracer does get the rights to make more Marvel games, it will be led by a different studio. Aspyr Media may take the helm after Saber Interactive reportedly took over work on the KOTOR remake.

Either way, more comic book video games are always better and Embracer has both the financial backing as well as the industry savvy to market a Marvel game well enough for it to turn a profit.

Speaking of Marvel video games, the upcoming Disney and Marvel Games Showcase on September 9 will reveal all the upcoming games under the Disney (and Marvel) umbrella. If we’re lucky, we’ll find out more about Embracer’s new partnership with Marvel at the event.