‘Extremist’ Meghan Markle should be ‘ashamed’ of ‘behaving badly’ with Queen

‘Extremist’ Meghan Markle should be ‘ashamed’ of ‘behaving badly’ with Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle admirers are told to ponder over their choice.

Royal expert Angela Levin has fumed at the Sussex couple for behaving ‘badly’ after leaving UK in her chat with GB News.

“Anybody who actually admires the way that Harry and Megan are behaving are extremely wrong and should be ashamed of themselves,” she said.

“I think psychologically, they’ve cracked open something, that other people think ‘well, I wouldn’t want to do what they’re doing because they’re extremists and they behave very badly, but there must be some way of earning more money out of that ‘. “

“That’s another reason why they should be so ashamed of themselves because it’s just not right. You cannot be part of something and then make money out of it.

“If it’s the British royal family, much admired throughout the world, you have to show it respect.

“It’s not just about you getting your face in the papers all the time or giving lectures on how we should behave about everything you can imagine, which they don’t have to go with.”

The comment comes after Meghan and Harry announced their fresh trip to UK in September.