First look at Apple Watch Ultra ‘Siren’ and ‘Depth’ apps

Apple Watch Ultra was announced at Apple’s September special event along with Apple Watch Series 8. However, while Series 8 has already hit stores, Apple Watch Ultra will be available starting this Friday, September 23. Ahead of its launchtwo Apple apps exclusive to Apple Watch Ultra have now appeared in the App Store: “Siren” and “Depth.”

Apple Watch Ultra exclusive apps

Siren, ”As the name suggests, is the app that lets users turn on a new siren built into the Apple Watch Ultra. Since this model of Apple Watch is aimed at people who play extreme sports in remote locations, Apple has added a new speaker dedicated to emitting high-frequency sounds that can be heard over a long distance.

According to Apple, the Siren app emits an 86-decibel audible alert that can be heard up to 180 meters away. The feature can be useful when you’re lost or injured and need to get someone’s attention for help.

Based on screenshots from the App Store, the app’s interface is quite simple, with a button in the center of the screen to start or stop the siren. The app also shows the battery level of the Apple Watch and a shortcut to call emergency services.

A second app made exclusively for the Apple Watch Ultra is “Depth. ” That one can be used to monitor diving activities up to 40 meters deep. Here’s how Apple describes the new app:

Use the Depth app for recreational underwater activities to 40m (130ft), from snorkeling, and free diving, to simply playing in a swimming pool. See your current depth, water temperature, duration under water as well as the maximum depth you’ve reached to 40m (130ft). Choose to automatically activate as soon as you are submerged, or simply tap on the Depth app to launch.

Unsurprisingly, the new apps can’t be installed on regular Apple Watch models. Apple makes these apps available on the App Store in case users decide to uninstall them for some reason.

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