Flickr adds a new category supporting virtual photography

While many have chosen Instagram as their home for posting photos, some still rely on the services that are a little more scaled back. Flickr is an image and video hosting service that has been around for nearly two decades. It first launched back in 2004, and while it has changed hands through numerous parent corporations, it still retains a majority of its core values ​​when it comes to the services it offers. Today, the platform is launching something a bit unique, a dedicated category for virtual photography.

According to Flickr, virtual photography is “an emerging art form” that has to do with photos that are taken within a virtual environment. Now, this can be photos actually taken in VR or photos that were taken in a video game. Previously, Flickr offered users three different categories to choose from when uploading photos: illustration / art, photos, and screenshots. But to embrace this new form of virtual photography, Flickr is adding a new category to its platform called virtual photography. It states that while there is a “screenshots” category already on the platform, it “didn’t quite meet the needs of this creative and growing community.”

Now, users on the platform can filter content using the new category to more accurately find what they are looking for. Furthermore, the new category allows users to choose how their art can be best categorized. However, Flicker states that when they created this category, they envisioned it for “video game photography and content shared by the Second Life community.” The new update will also allow group admins to allow the new category as an “accepted content type.” If you’re interested in the platform and want to try it, but it seems a little confusing, you can get an in-depth walkthrough by Flickr on how to set your content type. If you’re instead looking for photo editing solutions, we have a few recommendations.

Source: Flickr