Friends star Courteney Cox hits back at Kanye West’s claim the show ‘isn’t funny’

Kanye West has brought the wrath of Friends fans upon himself. Photo / AP

Courteney Cox has jumped to defend Friends after Kanye West recently criticized the show.

Cox, who played Monica Geller on the iconic sitcom, wasn’t too impressed with the rapper’s now-deleted comment on Instagram in which he said the show was “not funny”, reports Page Six.

But West has set the record straight on some of his past social media posts, saying he didn’t write many of them – including a tweet claiming Friends was not funny.

But although he didn’t write it, he “wishes” he did.

Cox took to social media to post a video of herself reacting to West’s hot take, showing her 12 million followers the comment with the rapper’s song Heartless playing in the background.

She wrote in the caption, “I bet the old Kayne [sic] thought Friends was funny.

The rapper is back on Instagram speaking about his various business ventures after taking some time off from the platform.

In a since-deleted post, he made some startling claims about his former in-laws the Kardashians.

“Don’t let Kris [Jenner] make you do Playboy like she made [Kylie Jenner] and Kim do, “He wrote.

“Hollywood is a giant brothel. Pornography destroyed my family. I deal with the addiction. Instagram promotes it. Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago.”

The Gold Digger rapper also shared what appeared to be a text Kim Kardashian sent from her mother Kris Jenner, asking him to “stop” his rants on Instagram that stress her out “to no end”.

He’s since deleted most of the posts.


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