Get Windows 10 for $ 14 and Windows 11 for $ 20, Plus Cheap Microsoft Office

If you want to get cheap Windows licenses, Keysbuff is running a massive sale!

With everyone back in school already, it’s important to know that sales are not over yet! In fact, Keysbuff continues to run its Back to School deal for Windows and Office licenses!

Having a licensed copy of Windows or Office is essential these days because you get to keep your software updated, get no annoying notifications about activating the tool, and get full access to all the features. Sadly, these can be pretty expensive on the official store, but Keysbuff has them available at affordable prices.

Back to School Windows and Microsoft Office Sale

Keysbuff has a lot of cool items listed in this particular sale, from Windows 10 to Office.

As you can see, these deals are going to save you a lot of money while you focus your attention on giving your devices the best care. After all, making sure you’re running the latest software versions is also a way to ensure all your data is secure.

How to Get a Genuine License for Your Windows and Office

As you can see, Keysbuff had a massive list of licenses you could get. Whichever one you want to get, we have your back to help you navigate the entire process.

  1. Start by clicking on the link of the offer you want to take advantage of. You’ll immediately get redirected to the product. Tap on the Sign Up to create an account with Keysbuff. You’ll need to use a valid email address since that’s the address the activation key will be sent to.

  2. In the QTY area in the order, fill in the number of licenses you want to purchase.

  3. Don’t forget to use our special discount coupon: MAKE25. You’ll need to add this in the Promotion Code field for an additional extra 30% discount.

  4. After you complete the purchase, make sure to check your email inbox for the activation code.

How to Activate Windows 10 With the Keysbuff Key

With the Windows key from Keysbuff in hand, it’s time to activate the software. Simply follow our detailed steps and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Start up your computer and log in.
  2. Go to Windows> Settings.
  3. From there, go to Activation and click on it.

  4. Next, you want to select Change Product Key and enter the code you received via email from Keysbuff.
  5. Once you confirm all changes, you’re done!

We hope our guide through all these steps was useful and you managed to set up the new license for Windows on your computer. If there are any issues on your end, Keysbuff has a 24-hour customer service team ready to help you out.

Unlimited Enjoyment of Your Device

With a licensed piece of software, you can enjoy everything that Windows and Office have to offer, from features to security to updates.