Halo Infinite Dataminers Discover Imposing Unused Crusher Enemy

Many fans felt the Halo Infinite open-world campaign was lacking new threats, but some dataminers have uncovered new enemies cut from the game.

A new Halo Infinite enemy that was cut from the game’s campaign has been discovered by dataminers, and its inclusion would have drastically changed Master Chief’s latest adventure. Unlike previous games in the sci-fi shooter franchise, Halo Infinite included a large open world for players to explore and enemies to battle. While fans were used to shooting aliens in a story filled with linear gameplay objectives, Infinite took a different approach with many of the aspects fans previously enjoyed about the series.


Some fans enjoyed Halo Infinite‘s campaign enough to find every hidden lore-filled audio log, in addition to the notoriously tricky skulls placed throughout the game’s open-world map. However, after completing the game’s main storyline, others felt the game was lacking in features and exciting new enemies to battle. The latest game introduced bosses that presented some unique challenges, but lacked enough new enemies that Halo fans had not fought against in previous games. New information has been uncovered, including gameplay footage of a new enemy that was cut from Halo Infiniteand it looks like it would have been an imposing battle.

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Footage of a new Halo Infinite enemy called “The Crusher” has been uncovered, and although Halo fans wanted more creatures to fight, its inclusion would have made the game less fun, according to developers. The cut content was shared by notable game informer Mr_Rebs_ on Twitter, including a short clip of the huge enemies in action. In the video below, two Crushers can be seen, resembling a DOOM enemy or one of the Fallout series’ Deathclaws, in pursuit of Master Chief on a dev map. The hulking enemy is seen consistently rushing toward the player and attacking with its massive claws, knocking players around in several directions. According to Mr_Rebs_, the enemy was “cut from the campaign because it wasn’t viewed as a fun enemy to fight due to always being in your face just throwing you around.

Rumors Suggest A Lot Was Cut From Halo Infinite’s Campaign

A new enemy type like the Crusher could have been a welcomed addition to Halo Infinite‘s campaign. Its aggressive playstyle and intimidating design would have given players something new in a series that some believe hasn’t introduced a unique-feeling enemy type since Halo 4‘s Prometheans. However, Halo Infinite‘s troubled development may have forced developers to cut the Crusher enemy because of certain balancing issues or time constraints.

Developer 343 Industries has been working hard at improving Halo Infinite‘s free-to-play multiplayer by adding new maps, weapons, and modes. Unfortunately, new single-player content has not been announced. Still, fans are hoping to enjoy the game’s open world with friends once co-op is added in the near future. New areas to discover and additional enemy types could also help enhance Halo Infinite‘s campaign to its full potential.

Source: Rebs Gaming / Twitter