Here’s what you maybe should have bought a few months ago

New Zealand shoppers’ thoughts are turning to summer, consumer data from PriceSpy shows, but there’s a warning that they may face high prices as they stock up for the warmer months.

Comparison site PriceSpy’s data shows that, over the past few months, lawn mowers increased 81% in popularity and pressure washers 52%.

Purchase interest in barbecues rose 55%.

But PriceSpy warned prospective shoppers to beware of seasonal price increases.

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Since the start of winter, the average price across the “garden” shopping category rose 7.2%. For barbecues, the price rose 8.18%.

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, country manager for PriceSpy, said shoppers should carry out price research before making any rash purchasing decisions.

Man cooking meat on barbecue for family dinner, summer, grill, BBQ, generic.  Photo:

Man cooking meat on barbecue for family dinner, summer, grill, BBQ, generic. Photo:

“Our insights reveal some items and categories are subjected to seasonal price hikes – and are more expensive to purchase in the spring compared to the winter,” Matinvesi-Bassett said.

As well as looking for the store that offers the most competitive price, shoppers should also check the product’s historical pricing information on a comparison site, in order to know how much the product should actually cost, she said.

While it was somewhat unusual for consumer interest in outdoor equipment to spike this early in the year, it was probably due to the long, wet winter and an eagerness to get outside, she said.

“Traditionally, at this time of year, we see a surge in consumer interest across vacuum cleaners, as people start to spring clean the interior of their homes.

“However, after what’s been the wettest winter on record, the change in season seems to be spurring Kiwis to get outside and tidy up the exterior of their home instead,” she said.

Trade Me data also showed a spike in the purchase of outdoor equipment.

In September, sales for gardening and landscaping supplies were up 21% on the month prior while lawnmowers had a 22% jump in sales.

Sales of barbecues and outdoor ovens were also up 5% in September along with outdoor furniture which rose 21%.

Trade Me spokesperson Millie Silvester said the top trending searches of the past two weeks showed water blasters, outdoor furniture, barbecues and planter boxes were all in hot demand.

Shoppers were also looking for reliable power tool brands like Ryobi, Makita and Stihl to help them nail some DIY, she said.

There was $ 2.92 billion in consumer spending processed through Worldline NZ’s payments network across core retail merchants in September, up 16% on September last year.

But the year-on-year jump in spending was largely because of the Covid-19 lockdown this time last year. Compared to September 2019 consumer spending is up 14.6%, just above the rate of inflation.

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