How to send Nintendo Switch screenshots to your phone

keen to share you latest gaming achievements with the world but not sure how to share a screenshot from your Switch to your phone? Here is the simplest way to send a screenshot taken on your Nintendo Switch to your phone.

There are so many interesting and beautifully drawn games available on the Nintendo Switch. And anyone who owns a Switch may have noticed the ability to take screenshots, allowing users to save images from their playthrough.

If you’re interested in learning how you can send these Switch screenshots over to your mobile device, make sure you keep reading, as we’re going to run through the simplest way to access these pictures on your mobile.

What we used

The Short Version

  • Click on Album on your Switch
  • Choose a photo you want to send
  • Click A
  • Press Send to Smart Device
  • Press Send Individually
  • Scan the first QR code
  • Scan the second QR code
  • Click on the photo
  • Hold down on the picture
  • Press Add to Photos
  1. Step

    Click on Album on your Switch

    Turn on your Switch and click on the button called Album. The album screen of the nintendo switch

  2. Step

    Choose a photo you want to send

    Out of all the pictures in your Album, click on the picture you want to send.The album pictures on my switch

  3. Step

    Click A

    Press the A button to continue. The picture chosen on nintendo switch

  4. Step

    Press Send to Smart Device

    Out of the options presented on the new menu, click Send to Smart Device. Drop down menu in album on switch

  5. Step

    Press Send Indiviually

    Click on the button that says Send Individually. If you want to send multiple pictures over instead, you can also select this option and choose more photos, the remaining instructions will still apply. Option to send on its own or multiple

  6. Step

    Scan the first QR code

    Use the phone you want to send the pictures to scan the first QR code presented on the screen. The first QR code you have to scan

  7. Step

    Scan the second QR code

    If you wait a few seconds, your phone should connect to your Switch. After that has been done, a second QR code will appear on screen. Scan this code too. The second QR code

  8. Step

    Click on the photo

    Turning to your phone, click on the photo that has been sent to you. As noted in the photo, this may differ depending on which phone you use, but for iPhone, you can simply hold down on the image when you press on it, as we will show in the next two steps. The photo sent you to on Switch

  9. Step

    Hold down on the picture

    Hold down on the image. The photo sent on switch

  10. Step

    Press Add to Photos

    From the small drop-down menu that appears, click on the button that says Add to Photos. It then should appear in your photo album. Click on the Add to Photos button