How to View Restaurant Recommendations on Snapchat’s Snap Map

Online recommendations and reviews are one of the most popular ways to find new restaurants. Snapchat includes a way for foodies to find new spots on its already well-known Snap Map, with a tool powered by The Infatuation, a restaurant review site.

Here’s what to know about finding restaurant recommendations using the Snap Map in Snapchat.

How to Find Restaurant Recommendations on Snapchat

To see recommendations, you will have to view The Infatuation’s Snap Map layer. Layers are different filters for the Snap Map that you can switch between to view different points on the map. There’s a layer for your Snapchat memories, events, and of course, restaurant reviews.

To view restaurant reviews:

  1. Swipe right to get to the Snap Map on the Snapchat app. You can also access the Snap Map by tapping the pin icon in the bottom left corner or tapping your profile icon in the top left, then scrolling down to the Map.
  2. Tap the megaphone icon on the right. You will see a menu pop up to explore nearby restaurants. You can also drag around the map to see information about different recommended restaurants in other locations.
  3. Click on a location to view its reviews.

Where is the Restaurant Recommendations Feature Available?

At launch, the layer only has recommendations for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, DC, London, and a few other scattered locations.

The company is working on expanding features like this one, and others like shopping on the Snapchat appas it tries to keep its users engaged.

What Else Can The Infatuation’s Layer Do?

The Infatuation’s layer helps you find the best places to eat for many occasions. You can easily send a good find from the map to a friend on the app or tap the heart icon next to a restaurant on the pop-up menu to favorite it and save it for later.

There are a ton of apps for finding restaurant reviews out there, but The Infatuation’s Snap Map layer helps you search, pick, and send all in one app. You can even filter search results for certain occasions or types of cuisine.

You’re on Your Way to Finer Dining With Snapchat

With The Infatuation’s Snap Map layer, you can find your new favorite restaurant with just a few taps. It is perfect for seeing what is close by, and what spots others in your city are enjoying. Whether you rarely eat out, or you are a seasoned foodie, the recommendations are definitely worth checking out.

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