Instagram fixes Reels audio bug allowing iOS users to export video without issue

A little over a week ago, iOS Instagram users encountered a bug that removed sound from downloaded Reels video clips. This is probably something that wouldn’t normally cause too much of an uproar, but apparently, many TikTok and social media video creators rely on Instagram’s editing tools to create their videos. Thankfully, the issue has now been resolved, allowing iOS users to freely create and export their creations.

The latest update for Instagram that arrived on Friday has now fixed the bug according to Seine Kim, a spokesperson for Instagram’s parent company, Meta. Kim delivered the news to The Verge, in a follow up on its original story. Thankfully, the problem wasn’t intentional, so creators can feel a bit more confident using the tools found on Instagram going forward. The bug arrived at a really bad time for the company, as it had previously just rolled back changes to its platform following a massive uproar.

Short-form video has become quite popular over the past few years thanks to TikTok, and it has forced platforms like Instagram to adapt and change. Unfortunately, while it is currently catering to its users with recent changes, it has come out to say that the future of the platform is video. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have been trying to combat TikTok for the better part of a year. Instagram has an algorithm that recognizes TikTok watermarked videos and once detected, does not promote those videos on its platform. YouTube has also become more protective of its content and it has begun watermarking its own short-form videos called Shorts in order to promote its platform.

Despite its recent blunders, Instagram has been adding numerous and much appreciated features over the past couple of months that aim to protect younger users. Most recently, it updated its sensitive content filters for teens, has started verifying the age of its users, and introduced a “nudge” feature that helps teens move on from subjects that they might be fixated on. So while not all of its new updates are appreciated, there are definitely some that are moving the platform in the right direction.

Source: The Verge