Instagram Introduces New Feature Called ‘Notes’, Triggers Meme Fest

The notes will disappear after completing a time span of 24 hours.

Following the success of reels, Instagram has unveiled a brand-new feature called “Notes” that enables users to write brief notes with a 60-character limit. The notes that a user will create will be visible to the followers in their direct message (DM) area, and just like Instagram stories, the notes will disappear after completing a time span of 24 hours. The answers to a user’s note will also be visible as the direct messages for a user.

The new Instagram Notes function has received mixed reviews thus far, in line with the overall opinion, but it can be a less disruptive means of disseminating information.

Several users took to Twitter to share their experiences. One user wrote, “Instagram notes feature is as useless as the Gpay rewards.”

A second user shared a picture of notes on a mobile phone and wrote, “The only” notes “that i care ’bout.”

“Men used to go to wars now they are adding notes on Instagram,” wrote a third user.

Users, however, are unable to monitor a note’s views. By downloading Instagram’s most recent version, users may use the function.

Follow these steps to share a note on Instagram:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Step 2: To access the chat page, swipe left or press the chat button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Below the search tab, you’ll see the notes heading. To create one, select the “your note” option.

After entering the message, select the individuals you wish to share it with by tapping the “Close friends” option, and then hit the share button. This tool makes it simple to invite friends or make any important announcement.


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