iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro users BEWARE! Photos, videos from STRANGERS now on your phone

Shockingly, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro and other iPhone owners who use iCloud for Windows app have been affected by a strange bug that is showing photos and videos of complete strangers on their phones.

Microsoft recently rolled out a new feature that connects your Apple iCloud account to Windows 11. It allows users to access several media files such as photos, videos, calendars, files, emails, and other data on a Windows laptop or PC. But it seems like Apple’s iCloud for Windows feature has some serious bug problem that is making some users complain about corrupted videos and images from strangers appearing in Photo Libraries.

A MacRumors report mentioned that there are several complaints from iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro users who are facing complications with the synced data with iCloud. When it is running on Windows, these images from strangers are turning black with some scan lines while videos are unwatchable due to rendering. The most worrying part about it is that users are seeing photos and videos of strangers that do not belong to them and even more shockingly, their photos on iCloud may well be ending up on some strangers’ iPhones too!

“iCloud for Windows is corrupting videos recorded from an iPhone 14 pro max resulting in black videos with scan lines. On rare occasions, it is inserting stills into videos from unknown sources, possibly other’s iCloud accounts. I’ve been shown photos of other people’s families I’ve never seen in my life, soccer games, and other random photos. Obviously, this is extremely concerning and does not exactly make me feel safe using iCloud,” Macrumors quoted one of the affected Apple users.

Who is affected?

The issue is not reflected for everyone but for a few users. Though, the report says that Windows 11 and Windows 10 both appear to be impacted by this bug, there is a possibility that it may only be affecting devices with certain settings such as HDR and HEVC enabled.

Sadly, there is no other information available at the moment this bug, and even the reasons remain unknown. But it is surely a matter of privacy and security for users who are receiving photos and videos of strangers as well as for those whose pictures are appearing in random photo libraries. Apple is aware of the problem, but so far, no reaction has been forthcoming.


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