iPhone screenshot trick: Want to draw PERFECT shapes on them with your finger?

iPhone screenshots let you draw perfect shapes on them with your finger. Check out this awesome hidden trick.

With every iOS update, Apple keeps adding a bunch if nifty features that make life easy For example, the cut-copy-paste feature on image subjects elevates the experience to a different level. Live Text is another cool trick to simply scan the world and copy the text! However, did you know that Apple has been hiding a very cool trick in the screenshots tool it baked last year in iOS 15? Yes, if you scribble a lot on your screenshots for Whatsapp group messages or emails, this trick is going to come in handy.

The trick has been around since iOS 15 and that means if you are using your old iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE 1st Gen, you will be able to use this trick on your screenshots. Those upgrading to iOS 16 will also be able to use this feature on all supported iPhone models and that includes the new iPhone 14 series devices as well. Hence, if you love to scribble on your screenshots, you should check this out.

iPhone screenshots: How to draw perfect shapes?

There is an easy way to do so.

-Take a screenshot of your desired page on the iPhone. Press Power + Volume Up key to do so.

– Next, tap on the floating thumbnail of the screenshot.

– You can scribble with your desired pen effect and color by default on the screenshot.

– Now draw a rough circle and once you complete drawing it, continue to tap and hold on the point of completion.

– You will see the rough circle transforming into a perfect one.

– Similarly, you can draw rough arrows, rectangles, smileys, and more, and your iPhone will convert them into perfect shapes.

– Remember to draw the shape and once you complete it, hold down on it to automatically transform into its perfect version.

Did You Know?

The automatic shape correction feature came to iPadOS first in the Notes app with the iPadOS 14 update. The Shape recognition feature allowed users to draw with an Apple Pencil and hold on it to get perfect shapes. This allowed users to make presentations look much better. Apple never announced when this feature came to iOS 15 last year but now that you know, you can use it to make your life easy.