iPhone Throwback: 2017’s iPhone X invented the $ 1000 flagship, and that notch

The Apple iPhone X initiated a class of ultra luxury $ 1000 smartphones bringing the latest of smartphone technology.

One more thing… Back in September 2017 when the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were announced on the stage, Apple announced its next-gen iPhone X in a peculiar fashion, celebrating the iPhone’s 10th birthday. This was the boldest new iPhone we had seen in years and it changed the game of the smartphone industry. As Apple readies its next-gen iPhone 14 series for an official announcement on September 7, we take a quick look at the iPhone that pulled the iPhone into the modern era. Without the iPhone X, none of new-age features like Face ID and an edge-to-edge design would have been possible.

The iPhone X came with shock and awe for multiple aspects. The biggest one was its price – starting at $ 999 for the base 64GB variant, the iPhone X shocked people around the world. Soon after, rival brands like Samsung and Oppo popularized the notion of a $ 1000 flagship smartphone. This year, the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to rise up the price ladder with a tag of $ 1,099.

iPhone X – the truly revolutionary iPhone in a decade

Once people digested the new price, everyone was a fan of the iPhone X. The biggest change was the design – the iPhone X ditched the fat bezels of the iPhone 8, kicked out the home button, and adopted extremely slim display bezels of the time. It also brought the infamous notch and it was more than just a fashion statement – it hid the TrueDepth camera system that enabled a new generation of verification system – Face ID.

Face ID made the facial biometric system an easier concept to grasp on smartphones. With all its array of sensors, it simply worked – whether day or night, your iPhone scanned your face to unlock itself. Face ID was touted to be more secure and reliable than the Touch ID solution. Later in its life, Apple also added the ability for Face ID to work with face masks in a post COVID world, but the iPhone X never got it.

The iPhone X was also one of the first iPhones to support wireless charging and IP rating for water and dust resistance. It also made us used to the idea of ​​gesture navigation; with no home button, the iPhone X relied on swipe gestures to make life easy. Plus it was the only iPhone that did not get a “Plus” variant; Apple fans had to wait for a year to see the iPhone Xs Max.

The iPhone X also had another first to its name – it sold only for a year! In 2018 when Apple announced the improved iPhone Xs generation, it discontinued the iPhone X.

Today, the iPhone X can be found in the used smartphone market for much lower prices and despite being a phone from 2017, it runs the latest version of iOS 15 and will get the iOS 16 update this year. If you get a chance to own the iPhone X, or already have one, we suggest you keep hold of this iconic iPhone.