It’s time for Samsung Galaxy S21 owners in the US to join the One UI 5 beta program

Prepare yourself for Android 13

Are you feeling Android 13 envy yet? Pixel phones have had access for a month now, and while phone manufacturers everywhere rush to update their own devices, Samsung’s been leading what’s easily the most high-profile attempt with its own One UI 5 beta testing. Since kicking off with the Galaxy S22, Samsung’s been expanding beta access to more devices in more regions. It’s been about three weeks now since we saw the start of Galaxy S21 beta sign-ups internationallyand now they’re finally coming to the US.


Galaxy S21 users on Reddit report being able to enroll for the beta with unlocked S21 handsets in the US (via Droid Life). We see multiple confirmations of receiving the update for S21 Ultra phones, arriving with Samsung’s September update.

What we haven’t heard yet is anything about access for carrier-locked handsets, which is probably going to be the point at which the majority of potential testers perk up and start taking notice. When that ultimately happens, you’re going to want to act fast, as Samsung’s betas have a reputation for filling up quickly – you snooze, you wait with everyone else for One UI 5 and Android 13.

If you’re anxious to get your shot, go ahead and check your Samsung Members app to see if you’re able to enroll. We’ll update this post as we receive reports of the beta starting to go live for S21 phones across the big US carriers.