King Charles, Queen Camilla’s royal shakeup leaves staff ‘confused, busy’

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s changes in the royal order have left royal staff feeling ‘confused’

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s recent changes in the royal order have left royal staff feeling ‘confused’ and busier than ever, reported sources close to the Palace.

Talkingto MailOnlineroyal sources revealed that Camilla has taken over control of the late Queen’s old rooms at Sandringham and wants it to run as more of a relaxed family home than a formal royal residence.

As per the insider: “They want guests to have a homely experience, similar to Dumfries House. Camilla respects Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt (head of the Royal Household) but perhaps sees things differently from him.”

The Queen Consort doesn’t want the homes and palaces run like the sort of corporate hotel you might find at a motorway service station. Camilla doesn’t want the towels put on the bed, but laid out on the rails in the bathrooms. She wants nice soap, not the same little individually wrapped soaps you get in a hotel,” the source also shared.

In fact, the changes ordered by King Charles and Camilla are so drastic that many of the old royal staff members, who have served for decades under the late Queen and Prince Philip, are finding it hard to adjust, with a housekeeper even resigning.

According to the insiders, royal aides are used to taking back stairs or dashing off when a royal family member passes them by, but King Charles wants them to relax.

Charles walks the corridors and wants to know where people are dashing off to. He wants to stop and talk to them. They don’t understand it,” the source said.

Another insider said: “Old habits are hard to break. Let’s just say the teams at Buckingham Palace and Sandringham are quite busy these days.

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