Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Will Get Its Final Chapter Soon

Announced during the 20th Kingdom Hearts anniversary eventKingdom Hearts: Dark Road is getting its final chapter on August 26. It will be a free update and center around Xehanort’s journey from youth to his villainous status.

In the final chapter’s trailer, Xehanort ends up fighting Eraqus. “Kingdom Hearts is the only way,” Xehanort says to Eraqus right before they clash. “Do you stand in my way as a true keyblade master?” Eraqus replies, “No. As a true friend.” Eraqus is a keyblade master, and master of Terra and Aqua. He’s show up in a couple KH titles, including Kingdom Hearts III, and is an old friend of Xehanort, a relationship that Dark Road explores.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a mobile game that launched in 2020 and features a card-based battle system. It follows Xehanort as he attends classes in order to become a master keyblade wielder, and the next update will likely mark the end of any content updates for the mobile game.

Another Kingdom Hearts mobile game, however, looks like it will inherit Dark Roads’ place. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is an upcoming game revealed at the 20th anniversary event, and will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Missing Link takes place in Scala ad Caelum and from the trailers, looks to be entirely 3D with some element of magic-casting in combat scenarios. What exactly Missing Link’s story will focus on, however, remains mostly a mystery.

King Hearts Missing Link goes into closed beta sometime in 2022.

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