Lego’s new Minifigure Factory lets you create a $ 12 minifig of yourself

Lego is testing a new online Minifigure maker, the Minifigure Factorythat lets you create a Lego person of your very own (Street Jay’s Brick Blogwhich I promise has no relation to me).

In the tool, you’ll be able to select different heads, headwear, torsos, legs, and accessories for your custom Minifig. For the torso, you can go really deep on customization by applying decals and custom text. (Lego will be moderating the designs to prevent users from making inappropriate Minifigs, according to Jay’s Brick Blog.) There are some fun accessories you can pick from, too, like a laptop, a pretzel, and a pizza. Completed Minifigs will cost $ 11.99, though you can only buy one per household.

Some of the torso options.
Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

Here’s the head options.
Screenshot by Emma Roth / The verge

Look at these accessories! The laptop is amazing, and I love the rubber ducky.
Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

If you’ve used Lego’s online Build A Minifigure tool that’s available in select countries, the Minifigure Factory looks to be pretty similar. Build A Minifigure, however, doesn’t offer the same level of torso customization that you can get with Minifigure Factory.

You should know that you might not be able to use the Minifigure Factory quite yet; Lego says the site has “limited availability.” (I personally had access for a bit while writing this post, but now I don’t.) The company is also calling Minifigure Factory a beta right now, and in a notice, says that “some parts and features may not be available” and that “you may also find that the page is unavailable from time to time.”

As a kid, I had cobbled together a version of “me” using parts from different sets, but it never looked exactly right (though I did have two lightsabers and a hoverboard, which is definitely just like the real me). With Minifigure Factory, I can make a more accurate Lego version of myself – and deck it out with robot decals. And if you’re looking to make a full-on action figure of yourself, Hasbro recently announced a way to let you do just that.

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