LG to launch a teeny-tiny 20-inch OLED display

LG is preparing the launch of a new 20-inch OLED panel, which would be its smallest OLED screen yet.

Korean website TheElec reports that LG Display will announced a 20-inch OLED panel for “personal devices” before the end of 2022, citing comments made by LG Display vice president Kang Won-seok at a forum hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association.

Kang said that demand for personal displays had risen during the COVID pandemic, necessitating the release of this new size.

Whether this will be for a TV or a PC monitor is unclear at this point, but the current smallest LG OLED TV sits at 42 inches, while the smallest LG OLED monitor sits at 27 inches.

At the other end of the scale, Kang also revealed that LG Display would be unveiling a 77-inch transparent OLED screen next year. This won’t be the biggest OLD screen that the company makes – that would be the 97-inch LG OLED G2 – but it’s still pretty large, and the key is that it’ll be see-through. Keep those Minority Report dreams burning, people.

Last week, LG announced another new 97-inch OLED TV panel, this time one that replaced the in-built speakers with a vibrating panel. LG’s Film CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology enables the TV screen itself to output a full 5.1 surround sound profile directly through the screen.

LG currently makes one of our favorite TVs of 2022 in the LG OLED65C2, with its improved design, fantastic picture quality, and excellent motion handling.