Lorde is ‘happy to be a DC meme’ after shocking fans with Potomac river swim

Lorde in cleaner waters, on Waiheke Island.


Lorde in cleaner waters, on Waiheke Island.

Gross has responded to her fans’ worries over her swimming in the Potomac River, by joking that she’s “happy to be a [Washington] DC meme “.

Lorde performed at The Anthem music venue in DC as part of her 2022 North American Solar Power tour.

At one point between songs she told the audience: “I was thinking today, I was lying in the Potomac River … I love getting to swim in water where I’m playing, it makes me feel like I know you a bit better.”

Lorde’s admission was met with a mixture of loud cheers, laughter, and gasps.

The Potomac River forms part of the borders between Maryland and Washington, DC, and has a reputation for issues with bacteria, water quality, and other forms of contamination.

In a video of Lorde conversation with fans after a gig, Lorde was asked whether she was aware of the state of the river, to which she incredulously replied: “No ?!”

“But now I know why you were laughing. I’m happy to be a DC meme, you know? “

The Auckland-born singer recently took center stage Glastonbury alongside Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish.

Lorde is touring Europe until the end of June and will begin a US tour in August. The Grammy-winning artist was due to perform a New Zealand tour in February and March of this 2022 but postponed until 2023 because of Covid uncertainty.

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