M & M’s fans finally discover what the initials actually stand for

Fans were surprised to learn the simple meaning behind the name of the popular treat. Photo / Getty Images

They are one of the most popular sweets in the world but many fans are only just finding out what M & M’s stands for.

The Daily Mail reported that despite the hard shell-covered chocolate being created in 1941 and becoming a popular treat, the reason for the name has been a mystery to many people.

While some believed it was inspired by the ‘mmm’ sound made when eating the chocolate, the truth behind the name is actually quite simple.

Created by Forrest E. Mars Sr, who started Mars, and Bruce Murrie, a post on Reddit revealed the M&M name are the initials of their last names, Mars and Murrie.

The inspiration behind the treat came after Mars noticed people eating chocolate buttons with a hard shell in an effort to prevent the chocolate from melting.

Mars then collaborated with Murrie – the son of Hershey’s Chocolate’s president William FR Murrie, to bring the idea to life.

The treat has since become a beloved confectionery item with new flavors released including crispy, peanut and the most recent, crunchy honeycomb.

Fans were surprised to hear the reasoning behind the name and took to the comment section of the forum to share their thoughts.

“Damn, learn something new everyday,” one person wrote, another added: “This is actually some info I haven’t seen before. Bravo.”

Since 2003 M & M’s have been sold in more than 100 countries and have continued to stay true to the initial slogan, “melts in your mouth, not in your hands”.

While the company has shop locations across the Europe and the United States, it is yet to open a store in Australia or New Zealand.


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