Meghan Markle and Harry’s popularity irks royal experts

A royal biographer has complained that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being treated like ‘heads of state’in Germany.

Angela Levin’s remarks came at a time when a report in the British media suggested that Kate Middleton is America’s favorite royal.

Independent analysts think Meghan Markle and Harry have not lost their popularity despite stepping down from their royal duties as they continue to make headlines with the attention they are being given across the world.

Royal fans and experts are not happy with the attention the couple has drawn during their visit.

Ryal biographer Angela Levin criticized the host countries for inviting the couple.

She said, ‘With the world in turmoil how have young’ leaders’ from 190 countries been able to pay £ 1000 a day for 3 days at this One Young World gathering? Who has helped them afford it, plus travel and accommodation?

She added, “Why are Harry and Meghan being treated ‘like heads of state’ in Germany and why has the red carpet been rolled out? They are now ordinary citizens and only represent themselves. Something Harry wanted so badly. Countries should behave accordingly. “

Responding to Levin, Marlene Koinig, an expert on European royal families, said “The red carpet is also rolled out for celebrities not saying Harry and Meghan are celebrities but have you ever watched an award show. Other people also walked down the red carpet at the Invictus games which harry found it. just stop the vitriol. “