Meghan Markle angers South Africans

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has angered some South Africans with her first podcast in which she spoke of an incident which took place during the couple’s last royal tour.

In the first episode of her podcast series Archetypes, Meghan told her friend and tennis star Serena Williams that there had been an incident sparked by a heater placed in the nursery where her then four-month-old son Archie was meant to be napping while his parents were undertaking engagements.

The mother-of-two said: “The moment we landed, we had to drop him off at this housing unit that they had had us staying in. There’s been a fire at the residence.”

The Duchess went on saying her son had not been harmed as he was not in the room thanks to his nanny Lauren, who had taken the tot downstairs with her for a snack.

Meghan sparked reactions with her words as she described of the residence as “housing unit” appears to be one of the reasons why some South Africans have taken to Twitter and contributed to get the hashtag VoetsekMeghan, an offensive term meaning “go away, trending. ”

One user, called Justine Fairground, wrote: “Meghan you may fool Americans, celeb ‘friends’, social media minions but you can’t fool Africans. You’ve shown us who you are. When you try to rip the Royal Family you forget about who you offend on the way. “

Lulama Anderson – host of The Snaymaan Podcast, reacted: “Meghan Markle doesn’t care how she portrays South Africa, she must never step foot here ever again.”

another user, LilyB, asked how Meghan portrayed South Africa, Mr Anderson replied: “Optics will suggest that South Africa is not safe …”

Raymond Segodi wrote: “I was convinced by her acting on Oprah interview now after lying about South Africa I withdraw my sympathy and anger against the British media and Royal family.”