Meghan Markle ‘needs intervention’ after ‘nonsensical’ allegations

Meghan Markle ‘needs intervention’ after ‘nonsensical’ allegations

Meghan Markle reportedly needs a major ‘intervention’ following her claims about the paparazzi to The Cut, royal experts warn.

This shocking clap back has been issued by royal commentator Robert Jobson, in his latest interview with Sunrise Australia.

He began by telling the program hosts, “I think that some of this stuff is just so nonsensical, so untrue that there should be some sort of intervention.”

The ‘nonsensical’ claims in question refer to Meghan’s admissions to The Cut where she bashed the UK paparazzi culture and claimed, “Sorry, I have a problem with that. That doesn’t make me obsessed with privacy. That makes me a strong and good parent protecting my child. “

In response, Mr Jobson also went on to say, “Nobody in these interviews is picking her up on these claims and saying, ‘where are you getting them from?'”

“There’s one claim about her children that if she had taken the kids to school in the UK, there would be 40 press outside every day pursuing them.”

Before concluding he added, “In America, they believe in this stuff but in truth, there are rules here set by the press that they’re not allowed to do that.”