Meghan Markle spread her ‘rainbow wings’ during final days in UK: ‘Glowing’

Meghan Markle lived her final days in the UK to the fullest.

The Duchess of Sussex ditched her normal pastel outfits to wear vibrant colors as a signal of her freedom.

Expert Miranda Holder reveals how the Duchess used her choice of clothes to ‘express’ herself in her final days as a Royal.

We sartorially express ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously.

“So it is absolutely significant that Meghan spread her rainbow wings during her last few days as a working royal,” she added.

According to the expert, the Duchess of Sussex “felt she finally had the freedom to do so”

This comes after Meghan admitted that she wore dull colors to appease the Royal protocol.

The mother-of-two said: “Most of the time that I was in the UK, I rarely wore colour. There was thought of that.

To my understanding, you can’t ever wear the same color as Her Majesty if there’s a group event, but then you also shouldn’t be wearing the same color as one of the other, more senior members of the family.

So I was like, well what’s a color that they’ll probably never wear? Camel? Beige? White? So, I wore a lot of muted tones, but it also was so I could just blend in.

“Like, I’m not trying to stand out here. So there’s no version of me joining this family and trying to not do everything I could to fit in. I don’t want to embarrass the family.”

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