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Microsoft, one of the world’s market leaders in collaboration, productivity, and digital tools, has achieved phenomenal success with its powerful Teams platform in recent years. The Microsoft Teams ecosystem is rapidly emerging as the go-to hub for businesses and educational facilities worldwide, helping users stay connected and aligned wherever they are.

To preserve its position as the number one platform provider for the future of work, Microsoft consistently updates its Teams environment to suit the needs of evolving users. According to the team, their goal is constantly to improve user experience with every new update and enhancement.

The most recent version of the Microsoft Teams desktop client offers insight into this ongoing strategy. The solution now demonstrates further improvements to latency for various key scenarios to ensure companies can leverage the performance and functionality they need.

Updating the Microsoft Teams Framework

According to Microsoft, the significant performance improvements found within the latest Microsoft Teams version can be mainly attributed to a framework upgrade introduced in November 2022. The upgrade has brought substantial performance benefits to Mac and Windows users when interacting with their applications for communication and collaboration purposes .

The newly enhanced framework has various technical benefits, including rapidly rendering the HTML tree and more efficient management of JavaScript and serialising arrays. To achieve the right results for its users, Microsoft conducted an in-depth analysis of the key user scenarios attributed to Microsoft Teams. Using in-depth research and A / B experimentation, Microsoft was able to pinpoint available areas for framework enhancement.

The newly improved framework has shown proven results, particularly for the P95 metric. This means 95% of the time. The experience is better for all users. Tracking performance metrics within the 95th percentile has helped Microsoft to determine whether the improvements apply to most users, including those with poor network connections or low-end devices.

Performance Improvements Across the Board

With the enhanced framework, users can now access a more fluid, consistent experience when leveraging Teams for day-to-day requirements. For instance, according to Microsoft, the most common action for any user in Teams is to switch between different activity feeds, channels, and chats. In the last two years, the company has made switching between chats 32% faster and switching channels 39% faster.

Another common scenario Microsoft examined involved the process of joining a meeting. The framework updates introduced with this new version of Teams has improved meeting join times by 21%. What’s more, responsiveness during meetings has improved too. For instance, the latency of raising a hand was enhanced by 16%.

Microsoft notes that the most recent framework update is just one part of the company’s continued focus on delivering meaningful performance improvements to Teams users.

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